House Doctor - Garland Lights - Brass (Vg0212)

House Doctor - Garland Lights - Brass (Vg0212)
Categories: Furniture, Table
Brand: House Doctor
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Beautiful fairy lights from House Doctor for decoration on the dinner table or the Christmas tree. The lights are 10 meters and are available in several colours. There are 80 lightbulbs, 10 cm between each. Battery with timer is included. Create the perfect Christmas atmosphere in your home with beautiful fairy lights from House Doctor. Merry Christmas.Useful information about House Doctor Garland LightsSize: 10 m.Material: 55% copper, 35% plastic and 10% LED lightsConsists of 80 bulbs with 10 cm. space in between. Timer function.House DoctorThe company is run by three playful siblings – Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel, and Klaus Juhl Pedersen. They all share a creative gene and a belief in the fact that beautiful interiors enhance your passion for life. The family trio ran a successful industrial design business for a few years. But ideas for new products quickly started to emerge – and in 1999 House Doctor was born. House Doctor’s style is provocative, personal, and informal. They believe that the time is right for mixing elements rather than trying to match them all up.