Hoppekids - IDA-MARIE Playpen

Hoppekids - IDA-MARIE Playpen
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Brand: Hoppekids
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IDA-MARIE Playpen from Hoppekids is in classic and timeless design made of wood with round bars. It has a highlight adjustable bottom and has 3 adjustable heights. The 3 different adjustable heights protects your back, so you dont need to bend to much, when your child has be lifted in and out of the playpen. When the bottom is at the top of the 3. position, there is 33 cm from bottom to top.A playpen is an optimal furniture to have for the child, when he or her still needs to be supervised and safe. So place your child in a playpen with good conscience, when chores in the home has to be done or the child playing on its own, but is not old enough to be unsupervised yet. Its also good against direct draft from the floor for your child, as a playpen is raised off the floor.Parts as mattress for playpen, pillows and more can be purchased here on Coolshop.Details on IDA Playpen:Sixe: 80 x 86 cm Dimensions External: 91 x 71 x 85 cmMaterial: Wood / color lacquered Note: Interior items etc. on the pictures are NOT includedHoppekidsHoppekids is a Danish furniture company with the mission to create secure and flexible solutions for any children’s room. As the father of three, owner and founder, RenĂ© Stenvang, has experienced the differences in need and unique personalities of children. It is with this knowledge that he created Hoppekids’ wide selection of modular and multi-functional furniture. The result is furniture, which can match any need and room and can change with your child’s development and ever-changing needs.