Hoppekids - Eco Dream Mattress - 9x90x200

Hoppekids - Eco Dream Mattress - 9x90x200
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Brand: Hoppekids
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Your child’s bed is not just a bed. It is a place where tranquility ensues and dreams unfold. With this mattress from Hoppekids you can create the perfect free space for your child. A child’s sleep depends to a large extent on a good sleeping environment, and a good mattress is the most important element of a good sleeping environment. A bed with a good mattress is important for a child’s night’s sleep, and this ECO Dream mattress from Hoppekids is both comfortable and environmentally friendly. The ECO Dream mattress is created with allergy-friendly foam, and with horizontal air ducts that provide good air circulation. The core of the mattress is made of Waterlily® foam with a density of 45 kg / m³ and a hardness of 145 Newton. The mattress is fire retardant and the upholstery is unbleached. The raw materials can then be recycled. Incl. Removable mattress cover (wash at 60 ° C). The mattress has a height of 9 cm. The mattress is Nordic Ecolabelled, and therefore you can also buy it with a clear conscience, and at the same time ensure that your child can sleep safely and comfortably. Available in the sizes: ECO Dream mattress 9x70x160 ECO Dream mattress 9x90x200