Hoppekids - BASIC Bed 70x160 cm

Hoppekids - BASIC Bed 70x160 cm
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Brand: Hoppekids
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Basic bed from Hoppekids is in really good quality and a perfect sofabed to use, when you wish to have a bedfunction in the kids room. The sofabed also has room to have drawers under it, so easily toys can be stored, clothes or other items. This also uses the floorspace optimally under the sofabed.Items as mattress, mattress covers, safety boards, drawers, pillows and more can be added to the Basic Sofabed from Hoppekids, which of course also can be purchased at Coolshop.Details of Bed:Included: Lamella bottomsInterior dimensions: 160 x 70 cmExternal dimensions: 168 x 56 x 78 cmMaterial: Solid pine / color paintedNordic Ecolabel - “Swan"Safety Approved: EN 747NOTE: Matress / drawers / safety board / interior items NOT includedHoppekidsHoppekids is a Danish furniture company with the mission to create secure and flexible solutions for any children’s room. As the father of three, owner and founder, René Stenvang, has experienced the differences in need and unique personalities of children. It is with this knowledge that he created Hoppekids' wide selection of modular and multi-functional furniture. The result is furniture, which can match any need and room and can change with your child’s development and ever-changing needs.