Hatchimals - Pixie Riders Wilder Wings - Ponygator (6059691)

Hatchimals - Pixie Riders Wilder Wings - Ponygator (6059691)
Categories: Furnishing, Mirrors
Brand: Hatchimals
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Discover Hatchimals Pixies Riders with even bigger, bolder and more beautiful wings. A glitter storm swirled through Hatchtopia and now the Hatchimals and Pixies have Wilder Wings. The Wilder Wings Pixies Riders all have large glittery wings with gorgeous colourful details, and now you can decorate them with all-new wing accessories. These wild Pixies feature poseable heads and legs, and come with a matching Glider they can really ride. When these bold Hatchimals duos ride together, they measure 8.9 cm tall. Wilder Wings Pixies Riders have a magical unboxing experience. First, hatch the heart to reveal your perfect Pixie. Next, slide the box out of its sleeve and open the fashion world inside. Discover your majestic Hatchimals Glider, then peel the mirror compartment to find 16 wing accessories, both sets of wings, a display stand and an exclusive Hatchtopia Life code to use in the free app (compatible on iOS and Android devices). Easily attach the wings and wing bling onto your Pixie and Glider and customise their looks any way you want. Plus, you can even mix and match accessories on all of the Wilder Wings Pixies Riders. Once you’ve unboxed and accessorised your stunning Pixie and Glider, the box becomes a playset, unique to your Pixies Riders duo. You can also flip the heart over and use it to display your new friends in front of their fashion scene. When you’re finished playing, close up the box and take it with you anywhere you go. There are five fabulous Wilder Wings Pixies Riders to collect (each sold separately), including Twins — one of them is a rare Wildest Chase. Add all of the Wilder Wings Pixies Riders to your collection and go on a wild adventure.