GXT 239 Nepa Gaming Microphone

GXT 239 Nepa Gaming Microphone
Categories: Furniture, Desks
Brand: Trust
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Key featuresFlexible microphone neckEasily-accessible mute buttonIdeal for use with Twitch, YouTube or voice chats while gamingLarge non-slip base for stability1.7m cable with 3.5mm microphone connectionThe Handy and Stylish Desk GadgetSmall in size and price, but big in functionality and style, the Nepa Analogue Gaming Microphone makes for a very handy desk gadget. A few convenient little design details make recording or voice chatting a breeze.Smooth Operation and ConversationThe Nepa’s got all the features you’d want from a desk mic – and nothing that you don’t need. That’s what makes it so super smooth to operate. Its flexible neck can be bent in any position so that you can comfortably settle down for a chat, and with a 1.7m cable, you can set up the Nepa in any corner of your desk.Perfect Design to Record and ChatRecord your podcast or host an online meeting – use Nepa with Twitch, YouTube or voice chats whilst gaming. If you find that your hands do a lot of the talking, the non-slip base will ensure utmost stability and you can use the easily-accessible mute button if you need to discuss something in private.