Gillian Jones - Cosmetic Bag - Beige w. Contrast Colors

Gillian Jones - Cosmetic Bag - Beige w. Contrast Colors
Categories: Furnishing, Mirrors
Brand: Gillian Jones
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Super lovely beige toiletry bag in contrast colors. The bag is in a nice design and can be used as a toiletry bag, cosmetic bag or as a clutch for a night out. The bag is conveniently designed with three interior pockets that help keep track of the products in the bag. The lining is made of an environmentally friendly material made from recycled plastic from the sea. This Gillian Jones purse is a super functional bag. Product Info:Color: Beige w. contrast colors Dimensions: 29 x 18.5 x 11 cm. Material: The lining is made of recycled plastic from the seaGillian JonesGillian Jones is a brand under the Danish design company CIMI. CIMI was founded by Tina Mikkelsen in 1998 and is named after her Italian grandfather Vittorio “CIMI” Cimarosti. CIMI started in Tina’s garage, together with her first employee, her friend Glenna Jensen, there is head of sales and co owner of the company today. CIMI’s philosophy is to create cosmetic bags with an eye for details. Today CIMI is an international brand with headquarter in Denmark and production in Asia. Gillian Jones is a symbol on the modern woman – a well groomed woman in control of her life. She has a fancy style, is elegant and open-minded. Gillians Jones’ sortiment contains toiletry bags, makeup bags and wallets, makeup mirror and check-in bags. Gillian Jones gets the inspiration from travels. Alle bags are designed to cope challenges from the daily and travel life. The design is always in top with completely thought through details.