Gejst - Flex Rail 60 cm - White (408)

Gejst - Flex Rail 60 cm - White (408)
Categories: Furniture, Shelfs, Storage, Table
Brand: Gejst
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Flex is a multifunctional storage shelf, just the right size and with all the elements you need for keeping your bits and pieces tidy in all sorts of settings. Stylishly functional in the best tradition of Nordic design, Flex is made with a focus on high quality materials and combines a magnetic strip, shelf, hooks and boxes. Effortlessly interchangeable, you choose the set up that works for you.Flex uses a powerful magnet that allows the different elements to be placed just where you want them without wobbling. Boxes and hooks can easily be rearranged, dismounted and put back into place. Take the box with you and put it back when you’re done. Surfaces, tables and worktops can be kept clear with your items neatly organized but always kept easily within reach just where you need them.Useful information about Gejst Flex RailSize: 60 x 6 x 8 cmMaterial: White / oak trees, black / oak trees, black / sorted oak trees