Floating Grip PS VR Goggles Hanger (Incl. Mount for Charger)

Floating Grip PS VR Goggles Hanger (Incl. Mount for Charger)
Categories: Furniture, Storage
Brand: Floating Grip
24.95 GBP
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Includes: 1x Hanger by FLOATING GRIP® + 1x FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mounts for the charger box.Video: How to install the Hanger by FLOATING GRIP® on the wall.The FLOATING GRIP® hanger for VR Goggles + the wall mount for the charger box makes it easy for you to storage the Goggles in a nice way on the wall. You can display your Goggles on the wall right next to your TV for a cool gaming setup, or storage it on a wall somewhere you can hide it when not in use if you do not want it to be viewable. Either way you get to save space and you can finally forget all about the headset looking messy laying around.You might be surprised by the simplicity of the FLOATING GRIP® hanger. Due to the special design the no screws are visible.With the hanger by FLOATING GRIP® you can create the cool gaming setup you have always wanted for a low cost. Save space and at the same time display your Goggles in a really cool way on your wall.