Floating Grip Led Wire Light with USB Green

Floating Grip Led Wire Light with USB Green
Categories: Furniture, Cabinets
Brand: Floating Grip
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Includes: 1x Blue LED wire light by FLOATING GRIP® (50 CM, removable sticker, USB port in the end).Add a bright blue color to your gaming setup with the LED Wire Light by FLOATING GRIP®. Place it behind your console while it is mounted (in the wall mount by FLOATING GRIP®) and achieve a nice LED light shining from behind your console.The LED wire light is 45 cm. long with a USB port to plug right into the console. This will automatically make the light turn on every time you turn on your console. On the back of the wire is a removable sticker, which makes it super easy to place it behind your console and remove it if you someday want to change to a new color or just does not want it anymore.So if you like to pimp your gaming setup a little extra this is for you. This is the ultimate light to make your gaming setup stand out.LED wire light in different bright colors.USB at the end for easy connection to the console.Waterproof (Meaning the LED is covered with rubber for safety)Removable sticker at the back.50 cm long LED wire light (Fits perfect behind the console while mounted in a FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mount.