Eva Trio - Legio Nova Sauce Pitcher (887277)

Eva Trio - Legio Nova Sauce Pitcher (887277)
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Brand: Eva Trio
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The Eva Trio Legio Nova Gravy Jug 0,4 L is a new interpretation of the classic Eva Trio Legio tableware. It is designed for everyday use in a minimalistic look. The white porcelain makes the design timeless and simple with elegant grooves on the outside. This makes the Legino Nova series easy to combine with clean designed tableware, because of its delicate, fluted decoration. Legio Nova goes extremely well with the rest of the Legio Nova collection too. The Legio Nova gravy jug is designed with a double pouring lip, so you can easily serve the person sitting next to you. The gravy spoon can rest on the edge of the pouring lip, if you do not want to pour directly from the jug. Legio Nova gravy jug is dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, ovenproof and microwave-safe. Furthermore, the Danish national culinary team has tested and recommended the Eva Trio design, where the design process is inspired by the care and ambitions they put in their craft. These qualities are therefore transferred to the unique design of Eva Trio and gives you 10 years of porcelain warranty on the tableware.Useful information about Eva Trio Legio Nova Sauce PitcherSize: Material: Volume: 0,45 LEva Solo - 100 years of Danish designEva Solo designer Danish home accessories and cookware in a beautiful and exclusive design that combines aesthetics , functionality and high quality . They design tools that is a pleasure to look at, use and own.The history of the company dates as far back as 1913, but the Eva brand had its major breakthrough in 1952 with a bread and meat slicing machine that went on to become a design classic. The first of many. Today, the products are divided into several collections which are marketed worldwide. But the essence is still the same: aesthetics, functionality and quality.