Electrolux - 7000 Serie Kettle - Red

Electrolux - 7000 Serie Kettle - Red
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Brand: Electrolux
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Electrolux - 7000 Serie KettleThe 7000 Series has a SelectPRO ™ system that allows you to choose the optimum temperature for any tea. With real-time temperature indicator, you always have full control during cooking and a large capacity of 1.7 liters allows you to boil sufficient water for noodles or pasta quickly and easily.From black to green tea - exactly as it should tasteFrom green to black tea, the taste is just as it should be. Extract the full flavor of your favorite tea with infusion at the exact temperature. The new 7000 series boiler has the SelectPRO ™ System, which allows you to choose the optimal temperature for any tea.Volume, liter: 1.7Cord Storage: YesWire length, m: 0.75This product is euquipped with an EU powerplug