Edushape - Dress-A-Pillar (581001)

Edushape - Dress-A-Pillar (581001)
Categories: Furniture, Dressers
Brand: Edushape
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Life learning skills made simple. First a snuggle-pal and later a learning toy. Dress-A-Pillar teaches children how to dress.This cute brightly colored caterpillar teaches how to tie shoes, use a buckle, snaps, zipper and more.Dress-A-Pillar makes a game of getting dressed. Small pockets to place rewards in for accomplishment. Almost 60 cm long and brightly colored to keep toddlers interested.Motor skills Larva which trains children’s motor skills to become more independent, so that they can take their clothes off and on themselves. The caterpillar has velcro, laces, button, zipper, buckle and strap - all of which must be opened / closed / tied, etc .. The caterpillar is from Edushape and is also a nice colorful teddy bear, which strengthens fine motor skills. It is also an award-winning toy from the Preferred Choise Awards, Creative Toy.Dimensions:58 x 14 x 20 cmEdushape playthings have an immediate appeal to the visual, the auditory and the tactile. They encourage creativity and imagination and invite parents to enter their child’s inner world through the memories of their own childhood. It is through play that children learn to explore their feelings and discover their relationship to everything around them.All products meet and or exceed CE and ASTM toy safety standards. Each Edushape toy is the result of a team effort involving designers, psychologists, teachers and at times parents who have a great concept, working in conjunction with those who manage sourcing to ensure that all materials are safe and durable.