Dremel - DigiLab 3D-Printer 3D40 FLEX

Dremel - DigiLab 3D-Printer 3D40 FLEX
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Brand: Dremel
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The Dremel 3D40 FLEX is designed for seamless 3D printing with its many features that make it quick and safe to create multiple prints when ease of use is really important, e.g. In the classroom. Note: 3D40 FLEX comes with a flexible printing platform that makes it much easier to remove the item after printing, which is one of the biggest problems with most 3D printers today.FeaturesSimple, secure removal of 3D-printed models with the flexible metal printing platformMaximize machine usage: The sketch printing profile allows you to print up to 30% faster than low resolutionBetter print results: finer and more detailed design with the improved 50-micron ultra-high print resolution combined with controlled 2-point semi-automated levellingOptimal safety and less risk of deformation of large print objects thanks to the robust, fully encapsulated plastic design with 254 x 152 x 170 mm print volumeNo installation required: Quickly out of the box with the simple setup supported by the easy-to-use touchscreen control centre on the hardwareReady to use even without connecting it to a computer: 3D printing can be started directly from the touchscreen via access to a USB key or internal 4 GB memory, and automatic firmware updates are available via Wi-FiSupported filament: PLA in 11 different coloursSpecificationsVoltage 230 VWeight 16.00 kgHeight 40.6 cmWidth 51.5 cmDepth 40 cmExtrude One extrusionExtruder temperature Up to 230 ℃User interface 3.5 ”IPS full-colour touch screenMax. object volume 25.4 cm x 15.2 cm x 17.0 cmLayer thickness 0.05 mm / 50 micronsThread PLAConstruction platform Flexible printing platformInternal storage capacity 4 DKMaterial diameter 1.75 mmEU PowerplugEAN 8710364081370 / SKU F0133D40JE