Creative - SXFI USB-C Gaming Headset, Black

Creative - SXFI USB-C Gaming Headset, Black
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Brand: Creative
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SXFI GAMER has been developed with one main goal in mind - to be the perfect companion for gamers, including cool and demanding gamers. Equipped with Super X-Fi technology and CommanderMic of professional quality, the SXFI GAMER is truly revolutionary.Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of the gaming world with its built-in Super X-Fi technology, which delivers holographic sound tailored to your ears. Experience an incredible degree of realism in your headphones that sounds as good as reality.CRITICISM AND INSANE TECHNOLOGYSuper X-Fi has collected a total of 23 “Best of CES” awards in 2 years (2019 and 2020) and is our critically acclaimed technology that is intended to transform your listening experience. Super X-Fi delivers holographic HD audio as if there are more advanced speakers in your headphones.In addition, Super X-Fi creates a personalized sound profile based on the anthropometry of your head and ears, so the sound you perceive is optimized specifically for you.HOW TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR SUPER X-FI SOUNDEach person hears differently from others - our unique head and ear shape affects how we perceive sound. Super X-Fi uses computer sound to personally customize the headphone experience based on how you perceive the sound, to give you the most optimized and realistic listening experience.This is done by simply taking photos of your face and ears with the phone.FORGET THE REAL WORLDImmerse yourself in the game and forget that the real world exists. This is possible thanks to our headphone drivers set by experts. The high-performance high-quality drivers along with Super X-Fi provide you with the perfect blend of cinematic effects and accurate acoustic details. With SXFI GAMER, you feel every explosion on the battlefield on your chest, and you experience the deep and violent bass that gives you an adrenaline rush. You will be able to perceive many more details with the extended sound scene of the holography of the Super X-Fi headphones.Super X-Fi recreates holographic 7.1 sound as in reality, so it’s as good as the actual cinema. Unlike the cinema, Super X-Fi ensures that you experience ideal sound at all times. The holographic sound makes the movie sound natural, so you can have fun for hours without getting tired.FIRST CLASS ARM LEATHER EAR SLEEVESEquipped with premium soft imitation leather and padded with memory foam, the SXFI GAMER is designed to sit comfortably on your ears for hours. The earmuffs also come with an easy replacement mechanism to easily replace your old earmuffs with new ones when you need it!TAILORED KEVLAR USB CABLEYou can enhance your game with the SVFI GAMER’s high-speed USB data cable in Kevlar, which can handle high bandwidth and take full advantage of the headset’s potential. The cable is carefully built and developed, and it is made of Kevlar-reinforced copper that strengthens it without making it larger. It is also wrapped in an aluminum and copper screen that provides durability, and finished in nylon fabric for maximum flexibility. The result is exceptional traction while maintaining its ultralight construction for maximum comfort.HAVE WHAT YOU WANT - WITH 16.7 MILLION COLORSWith SXFI GAMER you can change the LED color of the earmuffs to almost any color you like! Simply connect your SXFI GAMER to the SXFI Control software to customize your headset with one of the 16.7 million colors available. If you can not decide on a color, you can switch to Rainbow Pulse mode to use them all at once!THE CONTENT OF THE PACKAGE:Creative SXFI GAMERCommanderMicUSB cableAnalog 4 pole 3.5 mm cableUSB C-to-A conversionIntroduction guideWarranty brochureSKU: 51EF0880AA000EAN: 5390660193903