Cmiile - 2 x 2 Day & Night Toothpaste

Cmiile - 2 x 2 Day & Night Toothpaste
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Brand: Cmiile
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Toothpaste set from Cmiile, specially made for night and day. It keeps your teeth clean and fine, and removes stains and discoloration.Day & Night Toothpaste is designed to prevent stains and remove discoloration. You use the Day toothpaste in the morning, and the Night toothpaste before going to bed. Day Toothpaste prevents stains that can occur during the day, and Night Toothpaste removes stains and gradually brightens teeth.The Day & Night Toothpaste is perfect for keeping your teeth fine and clean, while at the same time removing the stains and discolorations caused by coffee, tea, sodas and other colorful drinks as well as foods.Benefits:Delicious toothpaste set from Cmiile for toothbrushing morning and eveningProtects your teeth from stainsRemoves stains and whitens teethMaintains resultsFree of harmful chemicalsFree of Fluoride