Carrera - GO!!! Car - Disney Pixar Cars - Mater (20061183)

Carrera - GO!!! Car - Disney Pixar Cars - Mater (20061183)
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A clumsy tow truck with big heartHook is an important helper for Lightning, the Piston Cup’s red racing car, with all his funny ways and lovable character. At the track he cheers on his best friend and helps him in difficult situations. Besides recovering and towing cars, this rusty scrap yard owner has a very special talent on the road: He’s world-class at reversing!A strong teamEven if the brown tow truck does not look like a real racing car at first glance, it reveals just what it can do on your Carrera race track. Making GO!!! a reality Slot cars on a scale of 1:43 were designed with a lot of great details in mind – of course with an original Disney license. Grab the speed controller and show your friends that Hook is a true champion not only in reverse, but also on a straight track. Together you can master any challenge the track has to throw at you!Hook from the movie “Disney* Pixar Cars"Carrera GO!!!Original Disney licenseScale 1:43From 6 years