bObles - Roller - Blue

bObles - Roller - Blue
Categories: Furniture, Dressers
Brand: bObles
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The new bObles Roller is movable and fast. Speed stimulates the body’s basic senses as the body prepares for movement. The bObles Roller can be combined with other tumbling animals as well as function on its own. The child can lie or sit on bObles Roller and roll in all directions.bObles Roller can be used by the small and older child. It is designed as a skateboard with hidden wheels, which minimize the risk of jammed fingers.Max weight: 50 kg. Size: H6 cm x W25 cm x L55 cmbObles tumbling animals are produced in solid EVA-foam with a soft surface, which is easy to clean with a wet cloth. The material is light and the edges are rounded so it does not leave any marks in the floor. bObles tumbling animals are tested especially for children and is free of any toxic phthalates or toxins. bObles tumbling furniture is based on simple geometrically forms - cut in the shape of animals. The child is able to tumble, roll, balance, seesaw, rock, jump and gain bodily experience, which can serve as the foundation for further motor development. The tumbling animals have a playing function while simultaneously functioning as furniture.