Bialetti - Moka Express - 3 Cups (1162)

Bialetti - Moka Express - 3 Cups (1162)
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Brand: Bialetti
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The world’s most famous expresso pot is the classic - 8 rimmed Moka Express is designed to be a stylish design and functionalism .It can be used for the following cooker: Ceramic, electric and gas.A method for Espresso:1. Pour cold water in the lower container , do not let the water exceeds the hole in the safety valve .2. Fill the funnel-shaped filter with ground espresso coffee without pushing it along. Remove the coffee from the rim and place the filter in the vessel.3. Unscrew the cap well to the lower container.4. Place the espresso pot on the heat source. Is it a torch, the flames do not reach beyond the container edge .5. The coffee is ready when espresso pot uppers are filled with coffee. Remove the coffee pot from the heat source - A delicious coffee is now ready to be served.Useful information about Moka Express.Cups: 1 - 3 - 6 - 9Material: Aluminum Dishwasher: NoColor: SilverBialetti.Alfonso Bialetti also called " the little man with moustachet " invented espresso jug back in 1933. Bialetti has since then been a strong brand worldwide and symbolizes Italian design and quality.Bialetti is best known for their expresso pot, which is a known symbol of Italian culture. The rest of the world is being brought to the Italian wave and luckily they would like to share the delicious taste.