Béaba - Storage Glass- 2 Psc - Pink/Blue

Béaba - Storage Glass- 2 Psc - Pink/Blue
Categories: Furniture, Storage
Brand: Beaba
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Storage glass that make it easy to carry food on the move with a secure lid. The two storage glass are made of strong glass and can withstand both heat and cold. They can withstand machine washing. The soft and practical lids make the containers airtight inside, which means that the food stays fresh for as long as possible. The glass have measuring digits which make it easy to keep track of the portion size. The storage bottles from Béaba come in two sizes, containing 150 ml and 250 ml.Product Info:Béaba safe lid with safety glassMade of strong glassCan withstand both heat and coldCan withstand machine washingLid that keeps them airtightMeasuring DigitsHolds 150 ml and 250 ml