Béaba - Silicone Multiportions 6*150 ml - Grey

Béaba - Silicone Multiportions 6*150 ml - Grey
Categories: Furniture, Storage
Brand: Beaba
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Multiportions in silicone making it easy to prepare food in 6 portions, making the spread a time-saving solution. The mold can withstand both freezer and oven / microwave with which it can withstand -55 degrees and max 210 degrees. The mold is suitable for the dishwasher. It can contain 6 x 150 ml, a total of 900 ml. The different containers make it possible to store different foods in the different rooms. It has a hermetically sealed lid where aromas are preserved. Béaba Silicone Multiportions can also be used as baking form and are BPA free.Product Info:Multiportions in silicone from BéabaContains 6 roomsWithstands both freezer and oven / microwaveWithstands between -55 and 210 degreesSuitable for dishwasherContains 6 x 150 ml, a total of 900 mlCanned sealed lidAromas are preservedCan be used as baking formIs BPA free