Barbie - Dreamtopia Doll and Carriage (GNH04)

Barbie - Dreamtopia Doll and Carriage (GNH04)
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Brand: Barbie
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Explore Barbie Dreamtopia with this colourful playset that includes two Barbie Dreamtopia princess dolls plus a carriage and unicorn for stylish transport through the land. With room for two and Sweetville inspiration, the open-roof carriage lets imaginations ride.Bright colours, rolling wheels and signature details are fairytale fun. Use the yellow beaded reins to connect to the unicorn’s teal bridle for royal transport. The white unicorn is a gorgeous companion with vibrant purple hair for a mane and tail and a pink horn. Equally as brilliant, the princess dolls each wear a look inspired by the Dreamtopia land of Rainbow Cove with a removable rainbow-inspired skirt, matching shoes and tiara. Place these two princess besties into the carriage and pull the unicorn to start a story rolling. Imagination makes the borders limitless and playtime opportunities endless. Find adventure, visit new kingdoms and discover fantastical dreams because with Barbie, you can be anything!Includes: a colourful carriage, a gorgeous unicorn and two Barbie princess dollsThe open-air carriage, decorated with bright colours, has purple seating for 2 (other dolls sold separately), rolling yellow wheels with filigree detail, a purple step with Barbie “B” and decorations to add a touch of fancy to the royal transportAttach the pretty white unicorn using the decorated teal bridle and yellow beaded reins to head into adventure; a purple mane and tail and pink horn are magical touchesEach princess doll is dressed in a look inspired by the Dreamtopia land of Rainbow CoveKids will have so much fun playing out Dreamtopia scenes, new fairytale adventures and friendship stories with this Barbie Dreamtopia playset