Baby Einstein - Discovering Musical Activity Table (90592)

Baby Einstein - Discovering Musical Activity Table (90592)
Categories: Furniture, Table
Brand: Baby Einstein
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Musical activity table for young children that lets them explore and unfold their musical abilities and offers many hours of entertainment.Children are naturally drawn to music and love to express their musical abilities. This musical activity table is the perfect introduction for the child to learn a whole new world of creativity, sound and music. The baby can press the keys and hear musical tones. By exploring and pressing the various buttons, the keys light up with beautiful colors and numbers, which also stimulates the senses of the little musician.The guitar, the drum and the spinnable French horn ensure that your little composer has many hours of fun when exploring this fun activity table. The activity table grows with your baby - without legs, the table can be placed on the floor, and is great for younger babies or attach the legs so that the child can stand up while exploring the table.Musical activity table for small childrenSize: 38 x 11 x 41 cm