40 Years of Danish Furniture Design - Book

40 Years of Danish Furniture Design - Book
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Indbinding: HardcoverUdgave: 2. udgaveUdgivelsesdato: 30/05-2017ISBN-13: 9788711566312Forlag: Lindhardt og RinghofEmne: DesignSideantal: 1.372Anslået vægt: 6.500 gramSprog: Dansk/Engelsk"40 Years of Danish Furniture Design" is a four-volume work totalling 1,372 pages and featuring 1,780 black-and-white photographs and illustrations. All the text is in both Danish and English. Originally published in 1987, it includes all the furniture displayed at the annual exhibitions of the Copenhagen Snedkerlaug (Cabinet Maker’s Guild) between 1927 and 1966. It is the primary work of reference for anybody seriously interested in Danish furniture from this period.The Copenhagen Snedkerlaug’s annual exhibitions showcased new thoughts and ideas before they were disseminated, influencing design both in Denmark and abroad. This dissemination took place partly through newspapers, through the journal of the National Association of Danish Crafts – the Journal of Crafts – and through the international furniture and design journal Mobilia.The exhibitions made a significant contribution to the major international success of Danish furniture design. Grete Jalk’s book is an immensely valuable resource. It’s acquired cult status over the years, becoming hugely difficult and expensive to get hold of.This new edition of 40 Years of Danish Furniture Design is beautifully presented, with a jacket and slipcase designed by Harvey Macaulay and a new foreword written by Professor Per Mollerup, but the content is an unaltered reprint of the original edition. With this re-release, it’s possible once again for anybody to own this unique work of reference.