2021 Hartman Heritage Square Casual Tuscan Adjustable Dining Table Set - Beech/Dove

2021 Hartman Heritage Square Casual Tuscan Adjustable Dining Table Set - Beech/Dove
Categories: Furniture, Shelfs, Table, Sofa
Brand: Hartman
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Set consists of: 1 x 2021 Hartman Heritage Square Casual Corner Sofa Unit - Beech 1 x 2021 Hartman Heritage Square Adjustable Casual Dining Table with Tuscan Ceramic Glass Top - Beech 2 x 2021 Hartman Heritage Stools - Beech 1 x 2021 Hartman Heritage Weatherready® Cushions Set For Sofa and Stools - DoveAbout:With a height-adjustable dining table topped with an elegant yet durable gorgeous Tuscan ceramic glass, 2 outdoor stools, and a corner sofa that can seat 4 people, this garden dining set will suit many patios, decking and lawn arrangements. Made from a hand-woven resin weave over an aluminium frame, a Hartman Heritage sofa and stools come with Hartman’s patented Weatherready® light shower resistant cushions, these are easy to clean and are suitable for extended summer use. Store in the winter for best care. Any heavy downpours will simply pass through the cushion’s permeable layers over time, drying naturally in line with local weather conditions.Seat up to 6 people on this versatile yet compact patio sofa set. Hartman Heritage is a superb range that offers versatility and style in droves. This rattan garden dining set excels in its practicalities fused with undeniable style. A suave looking corner sofa will seat four, and each longest sofa width will only occupy 2.1 metres in length, meaning it’s an ideal fit for many smaller patios or perhaps cut out decking. The real feature that binds this comfortable garden dining set together is its wonderful adjustable square table. Capable of hosting casual nibbles and drinks when at its lowest and then when elevated, with the simple to use mechanism located on the table’s side, it will suit more upright dining. There’s even a woven shelf to store items, like magazines or coasters.This set can be further protected from the harsher winter weather and generally increase its life with hardwearing furniture covers specifically designed to fit this furniture, visit the links below to be taken to these: Heritage 86cm Adjustable Table Protective Cover Heritage Square Casual Dining Corner Sofa Protective Cover