Getting Outdoor Lighting For Patio Right

  • 15 Feb, 2022

While outdoor lighting for patio and other outdoor areas should be functional, it should also be selected to beautify the space. There are a lot of possibilities and options for outdoor lighting from wall-mounted fixtures to those that are placed in the ground and recessed lights. Ceiling-mounted lights, portable lamps and floor lamps are other options.

As you think about lighting, look at your outdoor furniture. There is furniture that can fit into tight spaces such as compact chairs and tables made for such spaces. There are even those that can be folded for easy storage.

The Security Function On Outdoor Lights

An important function of outdoor lighting is security. Choose safety-enhancing lighting solutions such as outdoor lighting with motion sensor. These automatically light up when they sense motion which will let you know that someone is lurking around. They can be connected to an alarm system or cameras.

Motion sensor outdoor lights will typically be mounted on a wall or ceiling so they can shine down on an intruder. Apart from where they will be placed, you should also consider how bright they are, their range, and how fast they respond to movement.

Choosing Outdoor light For Patio

Taking the following factors in mind will help you to choose the best lighting for your patio and all other outdoor spaces:

  • Whether they will be mounted or free standing such as portable lamps.
  • Whether they have security features like motion sensors.
  • Where your furniture will be placed in relation to the lighting.

Decorative Or Temporary Lighting For Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor lighting for patio can be temporary. For instance, for a party, you can hang string lights that you can take down afterwards. You can do the same with portable lamps and candles which should ideally be in lanterns so they are not blown off.

If Bohemian is your style or you just want to change things up, consider putting up vintage-style bulbs for soft light without glare. Try rows of them in different colours. Another option is festoon lighting with strings of large bulbs. Their ambient glow is festive. Lanterns, solar-powered paper shades, battery-powered candles, coloured LED cubes are other options.