Making Mirrors Functional And Decorative

  • 13 Jan, 2022

Mirrors are one item that is functional as well as decorative. In a bedroom and bathroom, it is functional as it is used when getting dressed and grooming. At the same time, they work to reflect light into a room which brightens up a room. The light that a mirror reflects and bounces around a room also makes it look bigger.

Mirrors may be propped up against a wall or they can be mounted. Functional mirrors such as those in bathrooms are typically mounted. A wall mirror can be used when you're combing your hair, putting on makeup and grooming yourself.

Using Full Length Mirrors Decoratively

A full length mirror is typically found in bedrooms. They are used for a top-to-toe view of how you look when getting dressed. They can be decorative with a pretty frame or detailing like curved edges. A metallic frame like a gold-coloured one will pop in any room.

A silver framed Mirror will also blend in while a brass one will pop. Choose a mirror with a frame that will blend in with the colours in a room or a dark frame like a black one that will make a striking contrast.

Using Mirrors Decoratively

While mirrors are a functional item, they can also be decorative. Consider using them as decor in any of the following ways;

  • Use big ones to reflect more light and make a room look bigger.
  • Choose mirrors with pretty frames and details like curved rather than straight edges.
  • Choose gold, silver, brass or dark framed mirrors to achieve matching or contrasting looks.

Other Places To Use Mirrors Decoratively

Apart from bathrooms and bedrooms, there are other areas where mirrors can be used decoratively. They can be used in entryways next to the front door for a quick last check before leaving. They can also be used in a dining area purely for aesthetics.

For an even better effect, consider using mirrors in a pattern rather than as singles. Use different sizes of them with matching or contrasting frames to create a gallery. If not for yourself, consider getting decorative mirrors as gifts. Those with detailing like ornamental frames or curves make a practical gift for events like housewarmings.