Modern Lounge Lighting Ideas

  • 20 Oct, 2021

Although beautiful furniture and strategic placement are vital to a good lounge design, the key to setting the right mood in any home is lighting. From understated and recessed to over-the-top statement pieces, we will talk about the best lounge lighting ideas and how you can use them (both ambient and task-specific), to ensure your hang-out and entertainment space is functional, stylish and well-lit.

lighting can enhance or subtract not only the overall colours in your lounge but also the specific furnishings placed in it. An illusion of space is created by light reflecting off the surfaces, most especially your walls. Plus, you have many options available!

Different Types of Lighting

Knowing the difference between types of lighting will help you choose the right kind for your lounge. There are three distinct classifications of lighting- ambient, accent and task. Task lighting has a practical purpose, and these can be desk lights or spotlights, for example.

Ambient lighting creates constant light, and these can be found in wall lights, table and floor lamps and dimmable ceiling lights. Accent lighting can be used if you want to create a dramatic look, focus on a feature or change the atmosphere.

What are the Main Types of Lounge Lighting Ideas?

When it comes to light fixtures, the options are endless! Here are a few that are considered the most popular for ambient, task and accent.

  • Pendant lamps are ceiling lights that can transform the room, being the main light source.
  • Invest in a fun lampshade to brighten up an area, and to work there.
  • Make a statement with a lighting sculpture that will serve as a focal point.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

When thinking of lounge lighting ideas, it's important to know that your ambient light will be your principal lighting. You can add any task lighting if you are using the space to work or read. You also need to decide what colour light is best.

Warm white bulbs give off a cosier, more traditional feel, and are a good way to make a larger room more inviting. Cool white, on the other hand, gives off a sharper, more energetic feel, and would be best suited if you have an open-plan lounge. Shop our range of quality furniture and decor today!