Cosy Living Room Lighting Ideas

  • 01 Sep, 2021

Choosing the right living room lighting is a fundamental ingredient when decorating and not an afterthought, as many would assume. The right lighting can breathe life into your living room and complement your decor. During the day, your living room might benefit from natural light, but to maintain the warmth, ambience and cosiness during the night, you'll need a series of different types of lighting.

We will discuss a few tips on how to light your living room to make it cosy, warm and welcoming. You can source affordable quality furniture including great lighting, from our store. Read on to discover some great living room lighting techniques.

Start From The Top

Lighting your living room from the ceiling is standard practice, but one that is also quite significant. You can go for a low-hanging light which will create an eye-catching focal point for your living room. Go glam with a chandelier or make a statement with contemporary lighting.

A low-hanging light creates a sense of intimacy and makes your living room cosy because it lowers the plane of sight. If you have a high ceiling, you can go to town with expressive fixtures. A low ceiling also doesn't stop you from experimenting.

Best Practices For Living Room Lighting

Transform your living room with proper lighting. Here are some of the practices you can use to create a cosy living room space with lighting:

  • Use low-hanging lights - to create an intimate and cosy space
  • Use task lighting - Allows you to create a functional environment without breaking the cosy ambience
  • Highlight zones - Use accent lighting to highlight areas of interest such as an artwork

Using Living Room Lamps

Dark spaces can take away from the cosy living atmosphere. Lamps prove invaluable with living room lighting since they can help you illuminate dark corners and alcoves and eventually open up the space. The same lamps can also be used for task lighting.

Lamps can also be used to highlight areas of interest, such as a mantlepiece or artwork. What's more, you can use lampshades to either compliment or contrast your overall decor. For a more put-together look, double up on your lamps for a symmetrical appeal. Lamps are versatile sources of lighting, and it's all up to your preferences.